Thursday, March 17, 2011

Insane, but Pretty. Right?!

I am pretty sure I have gone insane.  Like, over the deep end, insane.

For example, I can't remember simple words.  Like SPOON.  Or, anything really.  I am constantly looking at the Super Cool Man Friend with this blank look on my face and desperately trying to describe the word that I am looking for ("you know, the thing, the metal thing, the thing you eat soup with!").  It is maddening.

Then I can reach the total opposite end of the spectrum in nano-seconds.  The Super Cool Man Friend will be talking about something obscure and I can totally finish the sentence with exactly what he was going to say!

See.  I am insane.  Totally bonkers.

And this whole trying to manage time thing is kicking my ass.  Last night, I picked up the boy from school, we got home, I started packing some boxes to take to the new house.  Then I walked into the closet for something and ended up completely going through every item of clothing in the closet.  I ended up with a HUGE pile of clothes all over my king sized bed that were destined for Charity.  Well, then the Super Cool Man Friend walks in and I am all, oh...we need to go to the new house and take the boxes I packed and register the internet.  So away we go.  Left the pile. 

At the new house, boxes are unpacked, internet is registered, it is now time to eat.  We are in the car.  We are discussing where to eat dinner.  The Super Cool Man Friend says..."You know we have 38 minutes until you have to be at Rehearsal, right?"


I had totally spaced it.  I space EVERYTHING!  GAHHHH!

Luckily, he keeps me in line.  Most of the time.

I am hungry.  Oh, look.  Something shiny!

P.S.  He cleaned up my pile of clothes from the bed.  They are now in a GINORMOUS pile in the closet.  hehe.


  1. Welcome to my world. This is everyday. I at times do not remember my children's names. And I have to say Oh You know who you are.

    And the other day I was trying to describe my dog to my Mother In Law and I said you know the Furry Woof Woof. Thank God everyone around me knows it's medicines along with I already lost my damn mind.

    And girl I am the Queen of oooohhh Shiny cause I am distracted by ANYTHING shiny. I have been called a goldfish, Dory, A trained Clapping Monkey, because yes I do clap with giddiness when something amuses me.

    I think you'rs is you're trying to fit so much into so little time so it's got ya stressin. I am on the other hand Crazy, I have papers that prove it.

  2. I sure hate to admit it, but the Mr. totally keeps my shit together. I would forget both of my boobs if they weren't attached.....


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