Monday, March 14, 2011

Feelings of Inadequacy

First of all...OMG, I spelled that right.  How awesome!

I know that in this day and age of self-publishing, (Blogs) we can sit here and spew all sorts of drivel day in and day out.  Then we press "publish" and pray someone will read it. NO, not just read it, we live for the comments. You know we do.

I visit other blogs.  I see that they constantly get 100+ comments daily.  They have 500+ followers and new ones pop up every day. 

But for me, I get excited even if I get ONE comment.  I don't have much blog fodder in my life.  I don't have tons of wisdom to impart to the masses and I am just not as witty as I like to think I am.  But do you know what?  That is okay with me.  I don't write here to please you or the masses.  I write here for me.  Because sometimes, knowing that I have a place to vent or to share my silly little thoughts just makes everything a little easier for me.  I have to spew it out, I have no choice.  And this sure as hell beats flinging objects at walls and screaming obscenities in places where other people may hear them.

Anyways, I was thinking that most of us probably have days where we feel as if no one is reading.  That in some way, we may not be "Good Enough" to be read.  I know that my friend Carol over at Carol Creates just went through this.  She wrote a post on it.  But we need to remind ourselves that we are blogging because it feels good.  Not because we want to please the people who read what we write.  We blog for ourselves.

"If it feels good, do it!"

On to my drivel!

I had a wonderful weekend.  We are in the middle of moving from one house to another.  The new house could easily fit in the KITCHEN of my old house.  Yes.  We are downsizing.  We are going to save a shit ton of money and we are going to be a little cramped.  But I do believe it is the best decision we could have made.  And, I think it will be fun. Our little adventure.  Yay!

We started Saturday morning at our new house.  All empty and forlorn.  The landlord just had new windows installed and the place was covered in a fine layer of plaster dust.  We cleaned it top to bottom.  My boy was so helpful, he did the baseboards in all the rooms and picked up trash outside.  Everyone did their part. 

We were able to take over a couple of boxes yesterday and unpack them.  We are going through EVERYTHING.  If it has not been touched in six, if it is not needed at the  We have already donated a trunk full of clothes to the Humane Society and now there is another pile of random stuff waiting for transport.

We ended the weekend by walking around Target and Walmart.  Getting some ideas on space saving techniques and ways to maximize what space we do have.  It would probably help if we were willing to give up the king sized bed, but we are just not going to do that.  We found an amazing deal at Target on a folding table with four chairs.  This way, we can pull it out for dinner and put it away once dinner is over.  Therefore, leaving us more room for living space.  YAY!  It was on clearance and it was cheaper than just buying folding chairs and using the breakfast bar we already have.

I hope to be completely moved by the 26th.  We will be out of town during the last weekend of the month and I really don't want to carry over into April.  I am sure we can get it done.  Just watch us!



  1. Here's some love. And I'm not a zombie, though I feel like one today. I hope the move goes well! You can DO IT!

  2. I LOOOOOOVE comments. And I pretend I am witty, although I know I am not. But it my brilliant mind I am.

    I too blog for me. I have to get most of what I blog about the dark stuff that is or it eats at me. And it becomes toxic. So my blog is mostly mine. And other stuff that I don't want seen well you know where it goes ;)

    And I hate moving but good luck. And I am so happy you are saving money and finding new adventures in your new home. As long as you have what makes your home a home in it, that would be your man and boy, then you always have a home no matter how big or small. Oh Cheesy Home IS where the heart is. So Cliche of me.

  3. That is so true... I've been blogging for years and I wonder if I've still it becuz I do not have the comments that I used to get. ACK! I need ice cream!!!!

  4. So, "the experts" say that families that live in smaller houses actually get along better because they are FORCED TO COMMUNICATE. A smaller home, without all the space to hide is actually healthier for the family relationship. You aren't just saving money, you are doing something REALLY GOOD for all of you! Bravo!


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