Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Never Fails

Dude.  The schools here were closed, for like, 4 days, a week or so ago, due to some freak snow storm right?  Well, this week, they are closed Friday and Monday.  In-service and President's Day or something or other.  So my little kidlet is going to hang with his granny for his little holiday weekend.  She lives out of town so we try to schedule visits around 3 or 4 day weekends.

So you know what this means right????  Oh yeah.  I have a kid-free weekend!  Booyah!

The super cool man friend had already planned on us going out on a date sometime this weekend.  So I have that to look forward to.  Plus, I found out yesterday that a band is playing Friday night that I have been wanting to go see but every time they are scheduled, I have my boy.  We are definitely gonna go check them out.

BIG PLUS I get to go to my BFF's for her kids birthday party!  Cake!!  Everything is awesome when cake is involved.

And really, do I have to mention the hours and hours and hours of kid free time that can be, you know...sans clothing?  Sexy Adventure Time!  OH yeah.  It is gonna be one great weekend.

I snorted the other day when the super cool man friend asked if I was off on Monday for President's Day.  HA!  Just because you run a bank, Mister, does not mean that you can forget that the rest of us peons don't get 400 holidays a year.  Although....I think I might call in sick.  I mean, I am feeling quite poorly right now...(*cough* *cough*).  Hehe.

This morning, in my email, I was enticed by an ad for 5 nights at an All Inclusive Resort in Cozumel, Mexico for only 700.00.  Well, until I looked up the trip on some other site and the resort had THE WORST reviews EVER!!  I swear, if I won the lottery, I would travel so many times a year it would be pathetic.  I love dreaming up all the different trips I could take.  Too bad...the money is just not there but if it was...oh mama!

Ok, now I am going to go dream about my weekend.  See ya!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Why have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated into believing that this day is somehow important if you are in a relationship?  Equally so if you are not.  Most singles see this day as some sort of failure on their part.

I say "Fuck You Valentine's Day".

I was stressing for weeks.  I know how tight the budget is for me right now.  I was going crazy that I could not do something special for my super cool man friend.  I finally broke down one night last week and flat out said "Hey honey, sorry, but I am not gonna be able to do anything for you this V-day".  His reply?  "I was just gonna get you a card, I don't DO those kinds of holidays."

After my initial open mouthed wide eyed shocked reaction...I took a minute to think about what he had said and it seemed the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  As always, he was correct.  This is just a day that has been invented to sell shit.  Especially for people who are feeling guilty.  Which I am not, so, BONUS!

The next day, (the day after that conversation) I get a text from my super cool man friend.  He asks if he can take me on a date, in lieu of doing anything for the dreaded V-day.  A nice date.  One where we can dress up. 

So that is what I have to look forward to.  We are going out this weekend.  Just he and I.  Not to celebrate anything, but to just be together.  How romantic.  I get all giddy just thinking about it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yeah, yeah...give me a minute.

I am pretty sure I should blog.  I really don't have much to say.  I have been a little "blah" lately. 

Take last weekend for instance, I did nothing.  Not one single thing.  It is ridiculous.  I woke up Saturday and made muffins for breakfast.  I had full intentions of cleaning my house and getting out and about, maybe take the family to the library.  Something!  But, no.  I sat.  Lunch time came around.  I made lunch.  Dinner time drew near and I finally got in the shower.  NO shit people.  5:00 pm and I am showering for the first time.  I went to the store, I made dinner.  That was it.  My kid was so excited because he said he wanted to stay in his pj's all day, and he did it!

Sunday???  Ten times worse than Saturday.  I did not get out of my pj's.  Not til Monday morning.  Did I clean? no.  Did nothing.  I suck.

So, Monday, when I went to work (with my kid in tow because I forgot to make arrangements for him because I forgot that he did not have school)...I realized that I had missed all sorts of things that were scheduled for the weekend.  FebFest, Superbowl (ick, but I usually go SOMEWHERE for superbowl), seeing my friends??  Yeah, that was kind of a shock.

Today, I got to work and remembered I should have been at a meeting last night and I totally spaced it. 

I miss my brain.

I filed my taxes.  Yay.  Now I won't go to prison, I am sure I was heading there.  They get mad when they send you letter after letter and you don't respond.  But hey, I don't have any money to pay them so they can, now they should be happy.  Until I file next year.  Then we will play dodge the irs again.  Woohooo!

Oh!  I made a new internet friend.  She is my Internet Soul Mate.  We share a brain and shit...and between the two of may get like 1/4 of a brain.  But we are ok with that, so there.

Ok.  I blogged.  Happy now?

P.S.!!!  I LOVE WEEDS!  I am watching every episode back to back to back to back...hey, what did you think I did all weekend???  But it makes me want to smoke pot, or grow it.  Just sayin'.