Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cable Man Blues

The Super Cool Man Friend and I love the internet.  At the old house, we have satellite internet.  It is not that quick and sometimes it goes down if the wind blows too hard, but it was what I could afford before I met the Super Cool Man Friend.  It really irritates the Super Cool Man Friend, especially if he is internet gaming.  hehe.

Now that we are moving, we decided to get Cable Internet, the fastest package they offer.  So this is very very exciting for us.  We waited with breathless anticipation for March 15th.  The Cable Guy would be arriving between 1 and 5 pm.  Weeeee!

He calls a little after 2:30 pm.  He says he will be there in about 15 minutes.  Our giddiness grows.

He arrives about 20 minutes later.  He walks in with a confident swagger.  I should be done in about ten minutes he says.

TWO HOURS LATER...he is done.  We have been sitting in an empty house for two hours trying to entertain ourselves while he works on getting our internet up and running.

THEN!  He asks if we have a computer available.  We each hold up our Ipads.  He says, no, a laptop or something with an ethernet cord input to register the internet service and get it up and running.

WHAT???  We have been sitting here doing nothing!  And you wait until NOW to ask us for something we could have gone home and retrieved HOURS ago???


So.  We still don't know how great the internet is as of yet.  We have to run over there this evening,  I suppose, and check it out.

On a lighter note, my son's school held a Family Reading night last night.  Each of the grades got up on stage and read a book or a poem.  And between each grade we had special people from the community read as well.  The Mayor, a couple of Pediatricians, a Fireman, the NMMI Baseball team.  It was really really nice.  And we were served cookies.  Now who can go wrong with cookies?

I had the peanut butter one.

P.S.  I stumbled upon Becky over at Steam Me Up, Kid just now.  This post made me laugh so hard that I think I peed my pants.  Yup.  Yup I did. You need to read it.


  1. Ha ha the Cable Man, I will never be alone in the hose with any delivery men or Cable men I have watched CSI to many times they always end up stalking you in your addict. I have very irrational fear. What? It could happen. I didn't open my mail for a year once cause I was pretty sure someone was sending ME Anthrax why me I'll never know my ex-husband still makes fun of me hell everyone does. I have ISSUES stop pointing and laughing.

    I hope the Cable is all your dreamed of. It is dreamy we have it. Don't get to excited though ;) And don't watch to much porn cause well you know.

    And that was some funny shit. I always wanted to own someone no one ever buys me the good gifts ha ha.

  2. And Addict I meant attic. Marvin is killing me Yo. I miss the brain cells he has taken.

  3. Hehe @ Kristin.

    I will totally buy you some PORN! We only gots the internets, yo. We do NOT watch tv. Not going to pay for something we do not use. Cable internets....oh yeah.

    Watch the mail, the porn will be arriving in a big box with "PORN" written all over the outside. I know you love it that much.

  4. Ha Ha, my mail man has seen worse. I ain't scared. And there is free porn on the internet. But I don't know how to get there or anything I'm just sayin and all.

    But SIR Asshole did destroy a computer looking at a site filled with flowers and sunshine and kitties get it kitties I slay me. SIR.


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