Monday, January 10, 2011

Countdown Begins!

The weekend sped by in a blur of activity!  Friday night found us spending time at the BFF's house while she prepared us a veritable feast!  Chicken, roasted potatoes, spinach salad, YUM!  She put all this together with just the items she had in her freezer, pantry and fridge.  How cool is she? 

Saturday was filled with packing for the cruise (I am almost done!), cleaning out the car (I had no idea I had a trunk!), shopping for last minute items that were needed, and raiding my mom's closet for cruise wear which then turned into a fashion show for the super cool man friend who said yea or nay on whether said items made it into the suitcase.  We had pretty much decided to catch a movie and were heading out to grab a quick bite to eat before we changed our minds and had a lovely dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant instead and went home to view another of the Harry Potter movies.  Good Times!

Sunday morning rolls around and as I am laying in bed contemplating all that needs to be done, the super cool man friend offers to rub my feet.  Now how could I say no?  Half hour of pure bliss.  Once we finally got up and around, I was bound and determined to get the house in order.  I started on the huge piles of junk that were littering my kitchen (all the stuff that I brought into the house from cleaning out the car).  As I am doing this, I notice that the super cool man friend is cleaning the living room!  Without being asked!  That is Teamwork baby!  I get the kitchen ready for breakfast, cook said breakfast and then moved the furniture out so mopping could commence.

Long story short, all the laundry got washed, dried AND PUT AWAY!!  The kitchen is clean, the living room is clean, I baked some pineapple upside down cakes (one failed...LOL, it overflowed, but it tasted good!) and we spent some quality time doing things that each of us likes (super cool man friend worked on a craft project, the boy played Legos and his DSI, and I played on the Ipad).

It was a wonderful weekend.

5 days until we leave!  Woohoo!  Now, if only I could get the rest of my list completed!

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